Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ticklish Business Exec

Prequel: I have been experimenting lately with meeting ticklish guys online with various m/m hook-up sites. I have encountered a couple of attractive and really ticklish men. This one will be my first posted vicitm. We were chatting and exchanging our comments on fetish when I told him about my tickling fetish. He told me he has often fantasized about being tied down and at the will of his dominator and I said well if I tie you down I'm going to tickle you too. He said hes never done that before, but it sounded really exciting. He also asked if I would gag him with my own socks. The chat went great and we set a date to meet for coffee first.

This is Rob. He is a business executive analyst for a corporation here in Oregon. He is 6'2" shaved head and green eyes and handsome. Rob has long and narrow size 11 feet which are very ticklish. We met for coffee today and found a comfy couch in an empty room of the coffee shop. I had him remove one shoe and place his socked foot on his knee so his sole was facing me. I begen to tickle his socked sole and immediately his foot began to twitch and his toes curled. Within seconds he was giggling and pulled his foot away. I had him try again with the same ticklish result. I then decided to test the rest of his body out real quickly and began to prod, poke, kneed, and tickle his legs, sides, and even got my fingers into his pits. This sent him into fits of laughter. I returned to his foot and told him to try and keep it there and still for 20seconds. He didn't even make it to 7 before pulling his foot away laughing. We are meeting up again on Friday so I can tie him down and truly test his ticklishness. After seeing his reactions today, Friday is sure to be full of a great tickle victims laughter.
I will post more of Rob hopefully this weekend.